OFFICIAL: Legendary Studio Will Remake One Piece Anime for Netflix!


Celebrate with Us: "The One Piece" remake Confirmed!

In a surprising announcement, Netflix revealed that, following the success of its live-action One Piece series, a new One Piece anime is in the works. Yes, you read that right. One Piece is returning to its anime roots, with WIT Studio, one of the industry's most legendary names, taking on the remake. They will be adapting the original manga story from scratch. This is the team behind series like "SPY x FAMILY" and "Attack on Titan."


This fresh adaptation, aptly titled "THE ONE PIECE", will offer a new approach to the beloved story, starting from the beginning—the East Blue arc. The decision to reboot the series, covering pivotal arcs from Romance Dawn to Loguetown, is considered a tribute to the manga's rich legacy while laying the groundwork for new interpretations and creative changes.


The announcement took place at Jump Festa 2024, stirring intense emotions among fans and the anime community at large. Takeshi Wada, President of WIT Studio, expressed his excitement and the weight of responsibility in undertaking such an iconic series. He emphasized the studio's commitment to breathe life back into Eiichiro Oda's story through their sketches. The studio holds both respect and admiration for the original work and its creator.

Following is the video that accompanied the announcement:

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