One Piece Ep. 1001 Review


“A Risky Invitation! A Plot to Eliminate Queen!”

In today's episode there’s a good bit of time spent with a few characters while also working through the basic setup of what’s going to happen. With Kaido at the top of the building, they’re basically expecting the Straw Hats and others that are operating in the area will basically just keep moving upward, naturally. But it presents such a simple image going back to Donkey Kong that it made us laugh.


Naturally, there’s a good bit of running around and we get a good chunk of that with the Straw Hats in the final few minutes of the episode as they begin their various climbs upward. It’s fun to see them actively involved with each other here and taking down one of the big foes that they’ve got early on. Hell, just seeing Brook hoisting Luffy into an attack is a delight as is seeing Sanji and Usopp in support mode. And getting some real swordplay out of Zoro is a freakin’ delight because we’ve had so little of it for so long. For Luffy, the realization that everyone is back together and on-page is a delight to him as well and you can see a renewed energy as the fight unfolds and some of their past comes into the present as they use their techniques and abilities to take down the big guy whose name isn’t even worth remembering when you get down to it.


In Summary:

Who’s-Who invites Drake and Hawkins to a plot to kill Queen. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats are facing two large monsters that remind them of the Giant who they once struggled to take down. As Luffy charges towards them, someone unexpected comes in to help.


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