One Piece Ep. 1006 Review


“I Won’t Forgive Him! Chopper’s Determination!”

As expected, a lot of this show is running around and you can have fun just listening to the different types of footsteps that the sound production has to come up with here to make each of them distinct, even if subtle at times. Everyone is on the move while Kaido’s troops and leaders are doing their best to secure up positions and prepare for whatever is coming their way. The main focus initially is on Momonosuke, who is being protected by Shinobu, as they make their way closer to their destination. She’s on point in protecting him and taking serious damage herself in order to do so, as once the enemy gets closer to them they’re able to make some solid strikes on them. Both of them are roughed up a good bit with all that they’ve been through, but they’re also both smaller targets that gives them an advantage. As well as the arrival of Yamato to help out.

Naturally, the flip side of the episode shifts focus to some of the other groups out there, such as the old man Luffy connected with in the prison joint and some others. But we also get Luffy continuing to make his padded mad dash down the hallways with Jimbei and Sanji at his side. That works until they end up coming across the Animal Kingdom guys and we’re introduced to Hamley and Foutricks amid the rest of them. It’s all an amusing big show, however, as they’re quickly punted to the side and thankfully so. I’m sure they’ll have a moment to shine somewhere but this show did not need to bring in more characters to this storyline and what it’s doing. Of course, it all comes back toward the end to some time with Kaido being all serious and somber about things as he takes in the bigger picture of events, but this part has certainly gotten dull over time while trying to be menacing because of how spread out it all is.


In Summary:

King orders his subordinates to go after Momonosuke. Shinobu tries to protect him, but they are cornered by one of the strong Lead Performers from the Animal Kingdom Pirates. Meanwhile, seeing people suffering from Queen’s Plague Rounds, Chopper is determined to save everyone.


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