One Piece Ep. 1008 Review

episode-1008-review-mynakama-nami-ulti-luffy will became king of pirates

“Nami Surrenders?! Ulti’s Fierce Headbutt!”

The opening half or so is, as it always is, a mix of more dialogue and pontificating about things from people like Queen while there’s some action going on as well. With Big Mom on the rampage once again, she’s causing her trouble there, getting a few allies are on her side, and is generally being a real problem for everyone. It is good to see some of the other things going on here and there but we also get time with Nami and Usopp on the run from the Tobi Roppo group but they take a sudden stop and just start arguing over who is going to be the next king of the pirates. It’s amusing but it plays well with how all of these characters are because very few here are truly cold-blooded killers as presented. There’s some good stuff that comes up here with Nami and Ulti as they fight, things getting a bit quieter and more intense in a way that the show does manage from time to time.

episode-1008-review-mynakama-marco vs big mom

It’s an interesting episode in how it progresses and what goes on with Nami and we get a surprising flashback sequence to her younger days with Luffy that really hits home as well. But with the way Ulti has the upper hand here over her as the fight goes on, she ends up faltering some to that intensity but she believes so much in Luffy overall because of what they’ve been through together over the years that she simply can’t break in that regard – even as Usopp begs her to do so in order to live. It’s a pretty solidly powerful sequence for her overall up until she’s saved and while I certainly don’t want to lose Nami, if one of the core group was going to go out in some way, this would be one of the best ways to do it overall.

episode-1008-review-mynakama-ulti vs god usopp

In Summary:

Ulti and Page One of the Tobi Roppo chase Nami and Usopp, after being infuriated by their attack as well as Luffy’s declaration of becoming the King of the Pirates. Cornered, Nami gives in and Ulti pushes her to say the unthinkable.


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