One Piece Ep. 1009 Review


“Sasaki’s Onslaught! Armored Division vs. Yamato!”

A lot of the early stuff here focuses on some minor flashback moments and giving Carrot a chance to shine a fair bit here as she’s really cemented in being a part of the events here and doing right by her fellow Straw Hats at this point, though at times it really doesn’t feel like she is a Straw Hat proper, at least from my viewing of the series. There are some good moments that go quiet big here and when we get Carrot and Wanda coming out proper to play, going up against Big Mom after saving Marco, it definitely has some good energy to it and you really want to see them take their seriousness into the action side of things. The first half delivers some good material on all of this, though it also lets Marco to take some of the focus when I’d rather see more of what Carrot and Wanda can do.


The back half does as it usually does with a few different things going on but with one area getting more focus, this time once again being Yamato. They’re fighting hard while trying to keep Mononosuke safe amid the attacks, which are definitely ramping up as the bad guys have huge numbers here and lots of weapons and abilities to throw at anyone not on their side. Yamato has come across decently here overall in the series since their introduction and serves as a good protector for Mononosuke. There’s definitely some good action to a lot of this, and even Franky gets involved along the way as they try to figure out who Yamato is, and it provides another connection as part of the larger ongoing (and rolling) storyline. It does provide for an interesting sequence in the episode and again lets Yamato be the cool one amid all of this.

episode-1009-review-mynakama-is yamato a drake-sasaki-armored-division

In Summary:

Carrot and Wanda step in to help Marco, who is cornered by Big Mom and Perospero. In the meantime, Yamato fights a fierce battle against the Animal Kingdom Pirates Armored Division led by Sasaki, while protecting Shinobu and Momonosuke.


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