One Piece Ep. 1017 Review


“Barrage of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation!”A Barrage of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation!”

The main thrust initially here is that we get Luffy, Law, Kid, Zoro, and Killer all going up against Kaido on an open but dark battlefield. This allows for some wide spaces and showing off of abilities in classic shonen form and it’s certainly got its fun at times because the animation is good and properly showy. There is some good back and forth here as the group gets in some good hits, but the reality is that Kaido is Kaido and not someone that they’re going to defeat easily or quickly. But the scale of the fight ramps up well and this region is going to be close to uninhabitable for quite some time because of the fallout from it. 

one-piece-episode-1017-kaido-big-mom-law-kid-luffy-zoro-killer-zoro vs kaido

And really, this makes up the bulk of the episode. While we do get an eye-catch moment, it returns us to the same fight and that’s definitely worthwhile from a technical standpoint. It’s very well executed with great animation, especially when Kaido goes all dragon. We love the blue coloring used for his design as it really does capture a certain quality. When this team works together, they do hit a good rhythm and deliver some strong hits. But even after almost twenty minutes of fighting, Kaido comes across as more annoyed than anything else, though he does realize that they understand the method to fighting him, which is a rarity at this point. So while he’s not respecting them, he is taking them seriously.


Again we got some serious goosebumps with Zoro and his Enma, but seems that he "lost his way" again when releasted his shot :P. Also awesome ending with Luffy attack on Kaido. We feel sorry for every single one of you guys who skipped skypiea arc. Big Mom should wait on the line behind Enel. 

In Summary:

Luffy, Law, Kid, Zoro, and Killer keep landing hard blows against Kaido in tandem despite the arguing. However, when Big Mom steps in and unleashes powerful lightning strikes, the tide turns for all except one of the rookies.


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