One Piece Ep. 1018 Review


“Kaido Laughs! The Emperors of the Sea vs. the New Generation!”

Not surprisingly, the show picks up from before so that it’s all about the action once again and it leans into the heavy part of the fight between Luffy and Kaido. There are some impressive moments here visually, particularly since Kaido is a classic dragon/snake design here, and the scale of such an opponent getting smacked hard enough to fall to the ground has a lot of impact. Just the way everyone in the area feels the creaking of their locations indicates that things could be going badly here. Even Big Mom is shocked by this turn of events and you almost expect to see big X’s on Kaido’s face when we do briefly see him knocked out at first. It’s the kind of moment the show needs, and Luffy needs, because of his intensity in wanting to bring this fight and this opponent to a close. Of course, Luffy has gone too far already and is out of juice, so to speak, and is unable to finish the job. And nobody else has what it takes either to finish off Kaido even in this weakened state.


Of course, you can keep Kaido down for only so long and he does return to the fight while Luffy tries to recover. This does let everyone else try their hand at Kaido, which leads to some interesting moments as Zoro goes against him and Kaido views him as a kind of spiritual successor or reminder of Oden with the way he stands against him, which is interesting. There’s a connection with the sword that helps to reinforce that but it’s just welcome to see Zoro cause an impact in an unexpected way on Kaido. Naturally, it doesn’t go far since this is a fight that will carry on for a bit and we get some still sequences to showcase what everyone else is up to at the moment while others narrate the events while playing a game of Go as they prepare for the next phase of what’s about to happen in this storyline.


Again Nakamas goosebumps when Zoro made Kaido bleed! We were waiting this moment for so long... You?

In Summary:

Luffy pummels Kaido with his well-trained Kong Gatling and delivers a final blow using all his strength. Big Mom tries to fight back, but Law gets in her way and Kid and Killer also try to finish Kaido off.


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