One Piece Ep. 1022 Review


“No Regrets! Luffy and Boss, a Master-Disciple Bond!”

Not surprisingly, this episode again covers a few different things with an area that gets a decent bit of attention. The early focus works through some of those afflicted with the ice curse thing that they’ve been hit with and just how intense they are at this point. It’s a chance for some of the lesser named characters to get a chance to step up and shine a bit to show that they are pretty capable in a lot of circumstances, such as Hyogoro. He’s feeling really keyed up and younger than ever thanks to the virus even while knowing his time is nearing an end and he intends to make it count hard in fighting against Kaido’s subordinates. Having his own subordinates know that he’ll be unstoppable once he becomes an ice oni and that they’re going to have to fight him themselves at that point has a pretty decent feel to it and it all works to set up a fight sequence that works well as a kind of youth versus experience thing.


While the fight itself is decent, it becomes a lot more energetic when Marco shows up to events and starts going at it. Visually, it’s pretty solid since he’s got the whole flapping/flying thing, and dealing with Queen means we get something of size and creative design, as well as some of the others that get involved. There’s plenty of fun stuff with this as plays out just for the visuals as it’s clear they did put a good chunk of budget into it because it doesn’t look cheap and just the usage of the flames throughout the episode works well to give it some life, though you can see some of the shortcuts as well. But it delivers in making for some good fight sequences themselves and leaning into the characters and sense of importance and impact in things overall.


In Summary:

Chopper works hard to make the cure for Ice Oni, even though he is turning into one himself. Meanwhile, the infected Boss Hyogoro the Flower regains his youth and fights fiercely to protect Chopper and the others.


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