One Piece Ep. 1023 Review

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“All Set! Chopperphage Nebulizer!”

The early part of this sticks to what it’s been doing for a bit now with the Ice Oni bit and we see how so many are being turned by this and as Ohmasa has been doing his best to fight against it. But it is fully taking him over at this point and he refuses to be someone to turn against his comrades and insists that they kill him before it goes that far. It builds the tension nicely as Queen’s own subordinates are dying and when some of them confront him about it he just sticks to smoking his cigar. It’s like, these guys should have figured it out before but such is the life being a minion and not realizing it’s really a cult. Queen makes it even more clear when he shifts to dinosaur mode and makes more threatening talk toward all of them for how they’re acting and being so annoying. The facade is fully pulled away at this point and when they’re told that they’re just cannon fodder, it starts to sink in


The fight really dominates this episode, though part of it is just posturing to some degree to pad it out, but it’s the arrival of Chopper that helps to reshape the fight. When they’re ready to do what needs doing with Ohmasa, he arrives with the cure that starts warming up his body, which isn’t without a good bit of pain. But for people like Ohmasa and others, it’s the game-changer they need and are going through this experience with a new understanding of their place in the hierarchy. With Hyogoro saved and Chopper working his cure through an airborne form, it shifts things pretty well in helping a lot of people and that turns to him being quite confident in how he faces off against Queen. It’s a good sequence for Chopper, especially since Queen has only become more and more unlikeable as time has gone on. We really love the braveness that Chopper showed in this episode! 


In Summary:

Seeing everyone turning into Ice Oni, there is nothing that the samurai warriors can do other than grieve. However, it wasn’t just them who were devastated by Queen’s raging virus. When their desperation and frustration peak, they hear a hopeful voice.


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