One Piece Ep. 1024 Review


“Oden Appears! The Confused Hearts of the Akazaya Members!”

A decent chunk of the currently storyline continues to work with Momonosuke and his struggles as the bigger issues play out. He’s really concerned and scared about the role he has to play in things and what he has to live up to considering his heritage, which leaves those he’s with to do their best to ease his mind. But even that is done awkwardly at times because they feel they can only praise and encourage him for a lot of this. So much of Oden’s reputation has been thrust on him but it’s only here that, during one of his moments of transformation because of his anxiety and emotions, that we get others to realize just how much more like Kaido he is. I mean, floating dragon creatures aren’t exactly common in general and we haven’t been exposed to many in the series to my recollection. So that’s a lot for a child like Momonosuke to deal with on top of everything else as well.


The back half of the episode largely deals with the seeming arrival of Oden on the scene, which has him praising Kin’emon for all the good that he’s done. The shock and surprise that everyone feels in that group when this happens is pretty good but it doesn’t take long to get the feeling that Oden isn’t quite what he seems. It has, of course, been years since these Akazaya members saw him die but there’s still something odd and off about him that’s concerning. Yet at the same time, he’s easing their worries by talking about taking down Oden and making sure that their own worries will be eased by it. Of course, at least one of them realizes that nothing about this is right but their desire for Oden to be alive is what’s driving things here and it’s hard to blame them after all that they’ve been through.


In Summary:

The wounded Akazaya members are surprised to see Kozuki Oden alive. They were disappointed by their failure to take down Kaido, but now with their lord, they are filled with hope to face their sworn enemy again.


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