One Piece Ep. 1025 Review

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“The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors’ Deadly Attack!”

After spending some time dealing with more Oden-ness the last time around, this episode has us in the position of the Akazaya group being rallied together and the intention of going after and saving Momonosuke. That’s not exactly an easy thing since the return of Oden is not being met well by all involved and it turns pretty dangerous and chaotic quickly, leading to a lot of destruction. That, naturally, leads to a lot of time shifting elsewhere to see some of the other supporting players getting their acts together in this larger fight, and some of the back and forth pieces with characters that I barely even remember at this point simply because the cast is so sprawling. It’s both the positive and negative of a show like this. What we get before the eye-catch is decent and all but it is, as someone said, just a lot of characters going about.

one piece-episode-1025-anime-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-wano-kaido-oden-jack-sulong

After the eyecatch, we get back to the fight with Queen in his transformed mode and that’s something that a similarly transformed Chopper is going all out with, especially since Queen’s use of “medicine” is such an affront to him. While that gets further underway we also catch up with Luffy and the others that are facing off against Big Mom and Kaido and this is where the budget is certainly going for it, at least when it’s in full motion. It’s a visual great sequence as the fight gets moving as these two giant forces are intense and those opposing them have some actual moves to employ that are both flashy and practical. This is the kind of stuff that goes big in a really good way – even though you know there are still much bigger moments to come. But it’s enough to cause others fighting to realize that something has happened that is definitely worth taking notice of.

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In Summary:

The Akazaya members run to save Momonosuke, but an unexpected contender stands in their way. Queen gets infuriated after Chopper ruined his plot and goes after him. Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Kaido and Big Mom unleashes a combination attack on Luffy and the others.


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