One Piece Ep. 1027 Review

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“Defend Luffy! Zoro and Law’s Sword Technique!”

one piece-episode-1027-anime-manga-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-wano-zoro-vs-kaido-worst generation-zoro-lost

The opening to this episode does deliver well for what we was hoping for as we get Luffy and his group going up against Kaido and Big Mom and it’s a good back and forth for a bit of time before the bad guys really step things up with their abilities. Like, using what feels like the nuclear option when you get down to it with how powerful it is. It’s something that can take them down significantly but Zoro, one of our personal favourite characters, steps in to defend them against it and is just on such an other level than expected that he’s able to hold it together. But there is fallout from it with Big Mom blasted into the water and sinking away while Luffy himself is basically white-balled with his eyes and just completely out of it. For Kaido, that’s enough for the moment with him and that lets him focus on some of the others, which lets Law really step up. We continue to be a huge fan of Law and seeing him trying to go toe-to-toe with Kaido is a lot of fun.

one piece-episode-1027-anime-manga-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-wano-kaido-luffy-vs-kaido-worst generation-luffy-lost

That dominates a lot of the first half which lets the back half shift as Big Mom’s minions do their best to rescue her, though that’s not going to go over well for Zeus as they’re being singled out in a big way that will bite her in the ass in the long run. There’s a touch of action that comes after all of this but it moves into a slower phase for a good chunk of it, especially as Law would rather lose the fight than lose anyone to Kaido, but what we get is Zoro’s intensity and truth shining here as he goes to deal with Kaido before Kaido can deal with Luffy’s unconscious body. It’s a fantastic moment in this animation style to put Zoro on a whole other level. Everything hits that proper level of epicness here even though it’s still part of a much larger event and it serves to put things in place for Luffy to, well, finally get mad?

one piece-episode-1027-anime-manga-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-wano-kaido-luffy-vs-kaido-worst generation-trafalgar-law-lost

In Summary:

Even after Big Mom was pushed off of the island, Zoro and the others keep fighting the exhausting battle against Kaido. When Kaido tries to beat up the unconscious Luffy, Zoro launches an all-out attack at the risk of his life.


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