One Piece Ep. 1028 Review

one piece-episode-1028-anime-manga-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-haki-wano-vs-kaido

“Surpass the Emperor of the Sea! Luffy Strikes Back with an Iron Fist!”

one piece-episode-1028-anime-manga-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-wano-zoro-vs-kaido

With the show pivoting back to Big Mom the last time around and showing what some of her minions are up to, we get to watch the birth of a new minion as one has been pushed out, presumably to find its way to Nami at some point soon, and it’s definitely interesting to see come about. It has all the hallmarks of a proper creation, especially with Big Mom being so full of anger over it, and it has those fighting her feeling like things have tipped in a bad way – that Big Mom is even more powerful than before. That’s unsettling in and of itself but we also see just how off the charts her power is with one of the lightning attacks she now employs. Of course, being how she is, she causes such a big area of impact that she has no idea where those she was attacking ended up. That just makes her more dangerous as she’s now on a rampage throughout Kaido’s castle.

one piece-episode-1028-anime-manga-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-wano-zoro-vs-kaido-worst generation-kid-vs-big-mon-killer

A good chunk of the episode is devoted to how all of this plays out and those few that Big Mom is focused on and it certainly has some solid intensity to it so that you can get caught up in the action easily. But we also get a shift to focus on what’s going on with Kaido and those around him, namely with Luffy as he’s the only one still standing it seems. This is one of those sequences that works so well but is also frustrating because we have a two-week gap ahead of us. Here, we see Luffy remembering some of what he’s been taught about his abilities and who he’s facing and we see him basically going through a massive self-power-up in order to be in the right position to face off against Kaido. And it’s putting some actual fear into Kaido as the two actually do get physical here with an absolutely gorgeous – and frustratingly short – sequence with immense power at play. It has all the right feeling for Luffy’s evolution, however, and that makes it pretty thrilling.

one piece-episode-1028-anime-manga-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-haki-wano-vs-kaido-of the beasts

In Summary:

Luffy remembers how he was advised by his friends, how he was saved by his comrades, and the frustrations of being defeated. As Kaido mocks him to his face, the Color of the Supreme King Haki gushes out and they clash again.


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