One Piece Ep. 1031 Review

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“Nami Screams – A Deadly Death Race!”

With the way the various fights have been going, this one gets us underway with what’s happening with Luffy and Kaido as we had reached a pretty good spot before the break and the fight here is pretty solid as it gets underway. There’s a solid intensity to how they fight and their power levels that drive the right kind of excitement with music, as brief as the scenes of it are. Of course, the fight isn’t the primary focus because those are special episodes so we get some time with the local characters firming up positions with Kin’emon making sure Momonosuke is set and that Shinobu is protecting him and all. It’s putting things into the places they need to be and giving Momonosuke a little more power and ammunition on his side as well.

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For a large chunk of this episode, the show is focused on Nami and Usopp as they continue to make progress and we see them dealing getting to the Performance Floor and there are some low-level threats they panic over at first. When it hits the eye-catch sequence is when they come across Big Mom and that at least raises the threat level and adds a good sense of fun to it as the pair of them are naturally panicked for good reason considering their pasts with her. That Tama steps to the forefront with such joy to see her throws Big Mom off her game and is a hilarious twist. What Tama is able to do is to get Big Mom to empathize (because she’s impacted) with news of one of her favorite places being destroyed, something that never thought would happen, and the impact it has on Tama. And the realization from Big Mom of what she’s lost as well with friendships made there. It’s a decent moment but again reminds us of the self-centered nature of Big Mom and most villains.

one piece-episode-1031-anime-manga-oda-blog-monkey d luffy-haki-wano-vs-kaido-big-mom

In Summary:

Luffy and Kaido who have both infused themselves with the Color of the Supreme King clash! Meanwhile, Nami, Usopp, and Tama are running from Page One to get to the Performance Floor, but they bump into another tough enemy, Big Mom.


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