One Piece Ep. 1032 Review

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“The Dawn of the Land of Wano – The All-Out Battle Heats Up!”

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As is the norm, we get a lot of running around at first as the episode formally gets underway post-map with Kin’emon and his group moving to their next destination. It’s a solid group of characters overall and they have a plan to deal with as many of those as they can, but even after all that’s gone on – or because of how long it’s been drawn out – I have very little investment in these characters. One Piece almost kind of trans you to not care about a lot of them in a way. And doubling down on all that running boots on the ground sound just becomes a trigger at this point to me. We do get some decent cementing of positions as they go through things here and we get the classic big communication moments while running and bouncing along, so it at least reinforces relationships and where everyone stands with each other.

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With all of that going on, we do get some time with Luffy in his fight against Kaido and the two are definitely going at it pretty well. Kaido almost seems to be enjoying the fight at this point as he’s not feeling terribly threatened but is seeing a challenge that lets him go all-out a bit more than he likely has in some time, making for some really good sequences of power playing out here. This isn’t the main focus, of course, as we drop in on the others – including the fun of Sanji lugging around Zoro – as well as spending time with Chopper in his beastly fight. The back half jumps through a lot of points and places to move things forward just a little bit and the one that worked the best for me was just to see things playing out with Nami and Usopp, even if they are just observers for it for the most part. It just had better sense of fun and timing overall.

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In Summary:

Kin’emon and the Akazaya members are rushing to help Momonosuke and everyone else while Yamato leaves Momonosuke and Shinobu in a hide-out to lure away their enemies. At the same time, Ulti tries to avenge her brother against Big Mom.


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