One Piece Ep. 1034 Review

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“Luffy, Defeated! The Straw Hats in Jeopardy?!”

The early part of this episode is fun as we see how Big Mom is shaking things up with her new addition and how Zeus is really feeling on the outs and threatened. But that gives space to Big Mom going after Nami and Usopp as she gets back to her main focus here, even if the kiddo isn’t interested in this happening. Their relationship is certainly amusing to watch but the threat of Big Mom is what dominates here. So having the two intersect with Zeus being chased right into it all and remembering the past with it works well as you can see easily why he apologizes and why things shake out as they do because Nami can understand, even if she fights against it at first. It’s not exactly a complicated relationship but it is one that has had its ups and downs over the years and seeing Zeus step up after being abused by Big Mom even after his own cowardice unfolds in a really engaging way.

one piece-episode-1034-anime-manga-oda-blog-nami-saves-zeus-big-mom

While that unfolds, another part of the fight on the floor focuses on what Chopper is going through with his fight against Queen. We get a good number of onlookers at this point as expected but the fight with Queen is one that just doesn’t interest me much. I find Zeus and what he’s going through more compelling. This one is more about brute force and showing just how strong Chopper can be when dealing with what Queen has changed himself into and it keeps pushing both of them in different ways. And as usual, the back section spends some time going around to checking in on a few others and going back to some of the larger history of all of this with Gold Roger and the connections there with the poneglyphs. It’s not exactly all over the map in what it’s doing in this episode but it again leaves some viewers like me in that “Well, let’s get on with more of it” feeling.


In Summary:

Luffy is pushed off the rooftop by Kaido. Meanwhile, Zeus intervenes in a fight between Big Mom and Nami’s group and stands up for the one who he wants to save. On the Performance Floor, Chopper is in a fierce battle against Queen.


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