One Piece Ep. 1036 Review

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“Fight Against the Dark Night – The Commander-in-chief of the Land of Wano Sounds Off”

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With Luffy knocked into the water and unconscious, the episode opens in that grim place that you’d expect, especially with Chopper getting knocked around, and adds to it with the Onigashima finally reaching the mainland here as well for added threat. So with big events like that in motion the show is naturally going to shift elsewhere with some of the unmemorable and uninteresting rank and file trying to maintain some control with bluff and bluster. And for those that were fighting alongside Luffy and the rest, they’re starting to panic with the losses they’re seeing around them and that just makes Kaido’s forces even more brazen and brutal. For those that are still fighting the good fight, they’re trying to change the narrative along the way and keep up the confidence for them, but even some of them are starting to struggle with hearing of Luffy’s defeat.

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We do get Sanji and his group catching up to Chopper who has barely held on in his fight and that has a wave of emotion from Chopper about what he’s heard about Luffy. Sanji as the calm one isn’t a surprise as he’s expecting miracles – and he’s got the history to know it can happen. Getting Sanji in a position to take on Queen is decent but I’m so tired of Queen that I just want Sanji to do one kick and be done with him while Chopper holds onto the bandaged Zoro. Of course, the episode is going to shift gears and do some flashback material with Kin’emong and Momonosuke with how their bond is as a reinforcement, which is fine, but it’s just exhausting as we’ve had so much of it and it doesn’t need to be reinforced in the moment where Kin’emon is fighting as hard as he can. It’s a not-bad attempt to put some real seriousness into things amid all the usual running around and drawn-out moments and it is, largely, how you expected his life to come to a close, all in service of the child’s future.

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In Summary:

Like all the other samurai, Chopper is discouraged by the news of Luffy’s loss and Queen doesn’t miss the chance to finish him off! Meanwhile, Kin’emon fights for his life to save Momonosuke and that motivates Momonosuke to rise up!


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