One Piece Ep. 1037 Review

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“Believe in Luffy! The Alliance’s Counterattack Begins!”

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With there being some progress along the way and even some amount of celebration in the first half of it, we also get the show moving to Momonosuke facing off against Kaido. Well, facing off isn’t quite the right word as Shinobu has him in their arms and he’s a mix of anger and sadness in dealing with all that has been lost while holding out hope that Kin’emon is still alive. It’s not the best of scenes in way to showcase things as Momonosuke isn’t able to do anything at the moment and it’s just a temporary escape for him and Shinobu, which does essentially help to extend this storyline longer as Kaido just shrugs and walks away afterward they slip away off the edge of the floating castle island. It just shows a lack of basic villainy from Kaido by not dealing with this threat and figuring he’ll always be able to deal with whatever may come.

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The show does give us a little time with big Mom as well as Law shows up to help confront her and it’s a mildly decent segment as he talks about knowing that Luffy has likely survived and we get a nod toward Nami and her new item that helps expand her capabilities. But the show also spends some time with the locals with the Fire Festival and Otoko to give us some local flavor and sense of celebration, which does feel weird in terms of the larger storyline going on to have this happening amid other events. Mostly, however, the back half is just more of what we’ve had recently with Nami and Usopp continuing to make their journey across the Floor and Nami getting to deal with another of Kaido’s folks. It’s been such a back-and-forth for what feels like so many episodes at this point that it’s just not that interesting to watch unfold. Of course, we get a nod at the very end about how Luffy gets saved which is comical but again, not unexpected.

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In Summary:

Momonosuke and Shinobu face Kaido while Kid and Law challenge Big Mom. Meanwhile, Nami, heading towards the stage on the Performance Floor along with Usopp and Tama, hears a strange voice.


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