One Piece Ep. 1038 Review

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“Nami’s Lethal Attack! Otama’s Desperate Challenge!”

The episode covers some decent ground as it opens with Luffy’s being recovered by the pirates that found him underwater and doing a bit to clear the water out from his lungs. It doesn’t go far from there but it plays it comically and gets us to reconnect with this group a bit, which is decent. But it shifts focus quickly to get to Nami and her group as they’re working through their progress on thePerformance Floor. It’s been going on for a while and chaotic but with the devices/help that she has, she’s able to make some decent moves there to take down some of those that they’ve been fighting against for a while. It’s good to finally see some impact there at last, that hopefully sticks for a bit, and to see how in the midst of it all Usopp realizes who is providing communication to others, which gives him a chance to protect Tama more and set her to make her big move on the stage.

one piece-episode-1038-anime-manga-oda-blog-nami-got-zeus-vs-ulti

The show builds well to her being able to stand tall at this moment, but it’s kind of undercut but the unreceptive audience at hand with Queen and the like, but her finally getting her message out to so many of the other rank and file is huge because of the way her ability works. It’s something that basically turns a slew of people to her side, though I’m sure we can talk about how valid a mind control flip is. But it does change the narrative here pretty well for those fighting the “Good Fight” against Kaido. Pivoting from that to seeing Kaido being aware of this and then facing off against Kozuki is decent because we end on a strong action sequence that’s building up and all that intensity that they bring to it here, reminding of Oden and how he inspired. And shifting the narrative away from what Tama was able to do was probably kind of smart, though I suspect I’m an outlier in not liking what she’s doing.

one piece-episode-1038-anime-manga-oda-blog-nami-got-zeus-vs-ulti-otama

In Summary:

Nami strikes a thunder blast to clear the way to the stage on the Performance Floor. However, the elite corps of the Gifters shows up to crush their inferior opponents. Upset but unbroken, Otama stands up to give a command!


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