One Piece Ep. 1039 Review

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“A Dramatic Increase of Allies! Straw Hats Fight Back!”

With what Otama has done out there, we do see something of a split of those who are trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing and that leads to some chaos along the way and some uncertainty as to which side some are playing for now. We do get some decent action moments such as with Sanji going up against Queen but at this point Queen just needs to be done and over with because he’s the bad penny that just can’t be stopped. It’s exhausting and I’m not much of a fan of the character, especially as his abilities just seem to get more and more ridiculous as we see a mechanized version of him now. It ups the level of the fight between the two and Sanji keeps his cool overall, being the kind of person he is, and it makes for some decent fight material overall. But Queen just exhausts me as a very uninteresting character.

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One of the weirder moments here is with Chopper as we see the results of his recent actions where he’s been pushed so far with his Rumble that he’s now taken on the form of a baby of sorts but also an old version of himself. He’s weak and unable to do much, but he does reassure Sanji and others that he’ll be alright in time, which is good. This allows him to focus on trying to help Zoro as he’s still all done up in his giant body bandage. Zoro’s down really hard and can barely speak still but we get to see Chopper doing his best for his friend while being quiet concerned about whether he’ll be able to fight again. We do see a cheat being put into motion thanks to the Mink doc and that shortcut kind of undermines things but doesn’t surprise me as it’s going to be like the Senzu beans in Dragon Ball. I get it but it just takes a lot of the drama out of Zoro being down as hard as he is if he gets a fairly quick recovery. Something we’ve seen a number of times before.

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In Summary:

Hearing Otama’s command, the Gifters side with the samurai and upset the Tobi Roppo and others! Chopper starts to take care of Zoro while suffering from the side effect of the enhanced Rumble Ball. Meanwhile, Jimbei gets stunned by Who’s-Who’s story.


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