One Piece Ep. 1040 Review

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“The Pride of a Helmsman – The Enraged Jimbei!”

As you can imagine, being where the series is at this point, it’s filled with a lot of running around. Nami’s able to get some help for her group as her friendly cloud is doing his best to redeem himself with her after how Big Mom twisted things so it’s fun to see that, especially as they’re now completely beholden to Nami. Even Usopp understands that and makes some cracks about it. As it all progresses, we learn more of the big picture as well from some of those watching the fight from a higher position and noticing that the two sides are now closer to being evenly matched with so many of Kaido’s forces having lost a lot of rank and file along the way to people like Zoro and Sanji. It’s pretty simple number crunching and there’s a sense that some of these characters are closer to abandoning the whole thing, better to live mentality, but it also turns its focus on Jimbei a bit since he really is a powerhouse.

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There’s some good stuff with Jimbei along the halfway mark here as he’s being questioned about why he’s fallen in with a “brat” like Luffy and takes orders from him but this is all stuff that we, the average viewer of this lengthy series, already know. But sometimes you gotta do an update of sorts to both pad things out and to fill in some of those that have come on more recently because you always need to be adding viewers. So getting some flashback material here is decent but I’m not sure it’s the best material to highlight it, especially since it’s a lengthy and complicated relationship. But it reinforces why Jimbei fights and fight with and for Luffy and the Straw Hats. Jimbei’s fight with Who’s-Who fills up the post-eyecatch material and while I don’t care for the character in the slightest, it’s a really good action sequence that again showcases the power and standing of Jimbei and that takes me back hundreds and hundreds of episodes to when I really fell for the character.


In Summary:

Who’s-Who expresses fierce resentment toward Luffy and Jimbei fights back out of his loyalty to Luffy. As Who’s-Who asks Jimbei a question, he tramples on the dignity of the Fish-Men and that sparks Jimbei’s outrage.


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