One Piece Ep. 1041 Review

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“Showdown Battles of the Monsters! Yamato and Franky”

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With a lengthy enough recap this time around, we get back to things with the fight between Yamato and Kaido, which is a decent fight but is also one that frustrates after watching Luffy spend so much time against Kaido. Every real victory must be local so Yamato makes sense, but I’ve felt little connection to Yamato because of how the storyline has unfolded. This at least paves the way for some fun in watching Sanji and Queenie going at it some more and Sanji is the one character that has been able to keep things going for a while now since Zoro is out of commission and Luffy is technically MIA. We do at least get some time with Sanji here as he’s finally getting some help from one of the “local docs” that will bring him back to fighting strength and it’s amusing to watch because it’s just so One Piece in a way. It’s not a senzu bean kind of moment but it has a real sense of that but just in the style of how this series operates.

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With Franky, his story takes more space in the post-eyecatch sequence as he faces off against Sasaki, who again is just not that interesting of an opponent but at least has some weird visual style to him. Franky has a decent group of people that are now aligned with him in this fight to help support things but it’s Sasaki that he’s facing head on and there’s almost a kind of comical appeal that he has in watching Sasaki’s strange abilities play out as it’s kind of like a cyber dinosaur in his Man-Beast form. With Franky basically armored up in his battle thing here, it’s a big-scale battle that feels ludicrous where it’s taking place but at least lets Franky be Franky for a while and just runs with it in a silly and goofy way. It’s out of place yet not when it comes to Franky.

one piece-episode-1041-anime-manga-oda-blog-franky-vs-sasaki

In Summary:

To cut ties with Kaido, Yamato unleashes his true power. Meanwhile, Queen repeatedly attacks Sanji with his power as a cyborg, and Sasaki in his Man-Beast Form launches tricky attacks on Franky and drives him into a corner.


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