One Piece Ep. 1043 Review


“Slash the Nightmare – Brook Draws His Freezing Sword!”

one piece-episode-1043-anime-manga-oda-blog-robin-brook-vs-black-maria-wano

With this episode, we get some time with Brook at the start as he’s continuing his journey and is in some really dense fog. It’s an interesting piece taking him back to his past with the Rumbar Pirates there and it leans into the music side nicely, which may be a crutch sometimes with Brook but does add something a little different. That takes us to a decent little flashback at points to when Brook was alive and on the open sea and with Laboon there as well. It’s definitely rare to see fleshy Brook and even his gang more so, so there’s fun with it and his relationship with Laboon being touched on more, which you know will come back into play. It’s a decent bit overall that helps to show where he is mentally at this point and leans more into present events as he’s with Robin and dealing with a very fiery opponent at this point.

one piece-episode-1043-anime-manga-oda-blog-robin-brook-vs-black-maria-wano-cold-shoul

It was a lot of fun to see him employ his cold soul technique that we don’t see often in order to stop their opponent from burning down the entire place and to get a fight that’s more serious after the recent time with Franky. This fight turns well to let Robin shine a bit and that again makes for some good visual moments once the hard-to-animate flames are removed.

one piece-episode-1043-anime-manga-oda-blog-robin-vs-black-maria

It has a good sense of scale and while you see Robin struggling a bit, you know it’s only going to go so far considering what she’s faced before. It’s definitely a fight sequence that gives us something a little different, though it shifts gears to a different setting without finishing as Luffy and the crew that rescued him are on land and he’s eating up a storm in order to recover. Which is bringing him close to Momonosouke at the port and that’ll slowly get him back on track to help with the larger fight after a bit more downtime.

one piece-episode-1043-anime-manga-oda-blog-robin-brook-vs-black-maria

In Summary:

In the dense mist, Brook is surprised to see his old friends, the Rumbar Pirates and Laboon. They reminisce about the old days and play music together, however, they suddenly attack Brook.


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