One Piece Ep. 906 Review

One Piece Ep. 906 Review

“Duel! The Magician and the Surgeon of Death!”

In today's episode the first half continues on with the chase/fight aspect as we get Luffy working to catch up to Zoro since they got separated with events and you have Luffy rescuing Otama. He’s handling things well enough when it comes to the pincer thing done to her face as he doled out some punishment for that and the two are just on the move at this point. Comically enough, they end up looking for a fast way to move and jump on what they think is a horse only for it to be s Speed. And with a bit of special dango from Otama’s face, they’re able to win her over for a bit since she’s half horse and the special dango works. It’s a conflicting thing for Speed as she’s all good with Otama but pushes back against Luffy. And for Otama, she’s just falling more and more for Luffy as she sees more of Ace with how she views him, which while holding him on Speed is really reinforced.

The flip side of the episode gives us a good bit of time with Law going up against Hawkins and that plays out more seriously with some intense moments without going too far overall. It’s just engaging to watch Law in action once again, even while concealing his identity because there’s just a level of confidence to him that connects. The last few minutes do reconnect us with Luffy, who has caught up with Zoro and the food truck that he’s acquired, and we get the hilarity of him doing a gum-gum rocket that takes him toward the thick of battle. The last few minutes works as it always does, shifting us between a couple of different things without giving us enough meat, but getting a moment with Law where the hat comes off and he has to reveal himself is a delight as well.

In Summary, One Piece once again doesn’t have a bad episode but has a standard episode. What helps to nudge it up for me is that it’s more active than not, giving it the feeling of actually doing something. And shaking it up with two other pieces moving alongside with Luffy in the form of Zoro and Law.



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