One Piece Ep. 910 Review

One Piece Ep. 910 Review

“A Legendary Samurai! The Man Who Roger Admired!”

In today's episode Kinemon talked about the last time around and the twenty-year journey, he gets into describing things with a bit of history about Wano. The tale focuses on a warrior named Oden who was banished from the Flower Capital because of all the trouble he caused, which lead him to one of the lawless areas of the island where criminals ran free and engaged in violence with abandon. That place, called Kuri and where they are now in the present, began Oden’s journey into power as he was able to deal with everything that came his way with pretty much ease. We see several fights through this flashback and it’s done in an interesting way where Oden is the only one shadowed so as to obscure who he is in the present, which is supposed to be some sort of shock or surprise when it happens. Under Oden’s assumption of power here through his blade, he ended reforming the place and it became incredibly peaceful and advanced with a lot of beauty. It’s the radical change built on the crimes of before and he ascended to becoming the daimyo of it.

oden sama

We do see how he struggled under this kind of position as it is confining to someone who lived openly and freely once before, just by the strength of his blade. As time went on, we see how Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi worked together and took down Oden and eventually saw the fall of the area back into darkness, particularly with the end of Oden Castle. Watching as everything falls apart, and then to see in the past as Kinemon was there looking for Oden and coming across Momonosuke and saving him along with Toki and Hiyori is a big moment for him. But even thins goes poorly as she’s intent on staying – but intent on sending them forward into the future. Utilizing the Time-Time Fruit is an interesting twist and having her use that as a way to save others in a perilous moment works well. It certainly makes you want to go back and re-evaluate everything we saw Kinemon say and do when he was first introduced oh so long ago.

oden castle

In Summary:
With a whole lot of backstory dumped on us, One Piece does one of the things it does so well in doing that. It’s a pretty engaging episode even if you can figure out the broad strokes of it quickly because the details are where it’s fun and interesting. Oden is obviously going to be playing a bigger role later in this arc since they kept him shadowed but I like that the focus was done as it was. Kinemon had one of his rare moments of being compelling to me and seeing more of this story really does make you re-evaluate everything you know about him and the others that went through this time leap. Definitely a solid episode.


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