One Piece Ep. 913 Review

One Piece Ep. 913 Review

“Everyone is Annihilated! Kaido’s Furious Blast Breath!”

Initially, we do get some background on what’s been going on here, which we knew some of, such as how the weapons were being produced, the supply chain from Doflamingo and others, the events on Punk Hazard that removed the factories and then Dressrosa, which further weakened Kaido’s control. But all of that reinforces why Law and Luffy are being sought as much as they are as they were the face of so much of that destruction. And it’s why they’re both keeping the rest at a distance now because having something like Kaido and the rest of his group after them is not only dangerous but could put the entire plan in peril. The first half does a good job of clearly establishing some of the connections to recent events (recent being several years of stories) and just how difficult it’s become now that they’re here on Wano, mostly for the two mentioned. It’s a good summation of things that puts the scale of it all together just right.

 kaido reveals

The more immediate problem, however, is for those serving under Kaido and those of Wano as Kaido is drunk and just indiscriminately destroying things. And that makes it harder for Jack and the others to maintain order and control of the place before taking into account Luffy and the rest. It is amusing to see how things are shifting unexpectedly, with Hawkins suggesting Kaido go to Oden Castle, not realizing that the group is actually there. There’s quite a good dread that comes into play as you see him moving slowly across the landscape toward the castle even as Luffy and Law run the other way. It’s a good sequence that builds well and reinforces the size and scale of what Kaido is but also that there’s a level of obliviousness to him as well as he doesn’t see things like a normal person would, for example. But he also just goes for the blunt approach, such as outright destroying the castle.

 hawkings and kaido

In Summary:
The show ends on a great note here that just leaves you wanting to see how the gang escaped and if there were any that took any serious damage for a bit. The episode itself is fairly slow and plodding as it moves about as fat as Kaido does, which is not fast. But it works well to establish power and superiority here in a way that connects. I also liked that we got to see some fear out of the gang as they realized what was coming right at them and that on top of the catch-up of just why Kaido is so furious with Law and Luffy bringing it full circle. A solid installment overall and hopefully the start of something much bigger.


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