One Piece Ep. 914 Review

One Piece Ep. 914 Review

“Finally Clashing! The Ferocious Luffy vs. Kaido!”

We get an episode with a good bit of action to it as Kaido makes his way over the main village and causes a whole lot of destruction there. It’s plainly clear these leaders have no care for the people they lord over and abuse, but this takes it to a whole other level, which is what sets Luffy off so easily, causing him to use his elephant gun attack to try and really put a hard and heavy one down on Kaido at the start. Realistically, it’s not going to take out Kaido and is just going to cause a lot more destruction. Even if it does take out Kaido, that’s a massive body to fall from the sky and bring problems to. And that’s exactly what happens as everything feels even bleaker at this point with what has to be faced now that Kaido is temporarily down and out on the ground.

luffy elephant gun

The slow sprawl out from that as we get to see where several characters land and their situation for a moment or two isn’t bad. It lets Luffy see the damage and realize he’s in the right in facing off against Kaido, which has him leaning hard into that when Kaido begins to rise again. Introducing himself, it’s made clear that Kaido has wanted to eliminate him for some time and is intent on doing so regardless of the collateral damage in the here and now, making for a big sequence to unfold. All it really does, however, is making clear that these two be beefing and the fight gets underway in bigger and more colorful fashion in the sky above. There’s some great animation in this, especially Luffy’s movements throughout it, that has me loving the way it plays out even if it’s not getting to much story material. Here, it’s about establishing the power of everything between the two – which is definitely not Law’s plan.

kaido vs luffy

In Summary:
If this goes true to fashion then we’ve got a bunch of fight episodes coming up and that’s not a bad way to round out the year with the holidays. There’s some solid action to be had here and some really great moments of animation when it comes to movement and the fight itself, leaving me pretty happy. The prospect of an extended fight sequence not so much, but that’s how this game rolls and we’ve been here for 900 episodes now and understand this. I’m definitely curious to see how it plays out in the big picture and anything that keeps Law around longer is a good thing in my book.


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