One Piece Ep. 922 Review

One Piece Ep. 922 Review

“A Tale of Chivalry! Zoro and Tonoyasu’s Little Trip!”

This episode, thankfully, provides some focus on some of these characters. There’s a little time early on where we see what Frankie is up to as he’s doing his usual construction gig and is excited about it – though still waiting on some actual blueprints to do the work. Frankie’s been a character that I learned to like a long time ago but they’ve rarely found uses for him in most of the arcs which is frustrating to watch since he does have a lot of potential. It is amusing watching him turn on the guy he’s working for once he realizes what he’s been seeking isn’t there and that journey gets underway. It’s a comical journey as he has to go from place to place to try and get them as after ten years they’ve certainly gotten around.

franky wano arc

With Zoro, once he got separated from everyone he’s just been on his way trying to figure out the best course of action. Or gambling and drinking while looking for everyone else as well. That gives the back half of the episode some fun just in seeing Zoro in this form and then cutting loose a bit since cheating isn’t exactly something he likes to see happening to him. What it allows for is some powered-up action as he deals with those that have cheated him and the thugs that work for him, and it turns surprisingly violent as well. Mostly, there’s not a lot here to this but it does move things forward just a bit and at least lets us know where he stands at this time. The rest of the episode just introduces more players – and even a mention of Vegapunk that we haven’t heard in an age – and provides hints of what’s coming. But that’s been Wano since the start.

zoro wano arc

In Summary:
One Piece does have some fun moments throughout it and I actually liked the Frankie material the best since it was just silly and fun. Zoro’s material was mostly a placeholder just to show what he’s up to and everything else are the usual minute or two or less just highlighting where some other characters are. It’s not bad but it’s also just more of the usual slow-burn material we get at the start of any arc, especially an arc within an arc like this is.


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