One Piece Ep. 926 Review

One Piece Ep. 926 Review

“A Desperate Situation! Orochi’s Menacing Oniwabanshu!”

The early part of this episode gives us some time with Robin as she deals with the Oniwabanshu group and the array of ninjas that it contains. It’s fairly brief overall when you get down to it but I’m just tired of the array of people introduced, named, and then ignored for a bit that when we do get back to them it just doesn’t register. I actually had more fun with the minute or two of Chopper teaching Otama to fight and discovering she’s got some ability about her as she ran Chopper ragged. The small group here is doing their best to train with Chopper showing them some skills to really take to heart while waiting for Luffy to get out the prison that he’s in. It’s also some good bonding time for everyone and I definitely enjoy any time that we get with Otama as she’s fun.

robin one piece wano

The episode has a lot of little things going on as we get to touch on the ninja a bit and focus on Robin and her group being surprised that Robin was found out amid everything. There’s lots of activity with it but little actual meat to the events. What we do get that will change the course of things is time with Chopper where he thinks he sees someone that has washed ashore near where they are. That gets him to investigate and discover that it’s actually Big Mom that’s washed ashore. It’s not given a huge amount of time but it provides that kind of “shock” moment that the show likes to employ. I don’t think it works, exactly, but I’m wondering if this is something where they’ll try to rehabilitate her character just a bit so that she can be worked with against a larger goal for the duration.

big mom wano with chopper

In Summary:
Unmemorable episode is unmemorable is about all I can really say here. It’s a placeholder of a piece that nudges a couple of things along a bit but does little else otherwise. It continues to look good with the stylistic changes and the color design of it, which after revisiting some of the very first episodes recently make sit feel like a radical change, but the core of the show is still the same decades later. And in how it tells its story, which is why slower parts like this have such mixed responses.


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