One Piece Ep. 932 Review

Queen’s Sumo Inferno vs luffy

“Dead or Alive! Queen’s Sumo Inferno!”

Today's episode gets back into the fight that’s been loading up for a bit now as Luffy is getting closer to fighting the local big bad. With Hyo at his side and making sure to protect him, Luffy gets to deal with an array of less powerful types all while still having the collar on around his neck. There are some nice flashback moments that remind us of Luffy’s power but also that he can be taken down and it helps to set him on the right path for how to deal with this group. But mostly, what we get here is once again drawn out without any real impact or forward progress, though there is a tiny bit when you really do get down to it.soba mask one piece

While all of that is underway, the show also gives us just enough fanservice with Nami and the ladies getting their bath on just as a raid hits with Hawkins showing up. There’s some amusement to it in how it unfolds, especially with one of them not going in because he’s only after Soba Mask, but the show takes a turn when it’s Sanji that shows up in his Germa gear and goes to take them down as Soba Mask. It’s welcome to see Sanji involved in some action once again, though I’m still conflicted about the gear since it’s all tied to his family and he’s got longstanding issues in that regard.

zorojuro fights for his sword

In Summary:
The episode also gives us a little bit of time outside of Wano proper in the town of Ringo where we see a little more basic samurai action that paints a grim picture what with the snow and all and the warrior that’s collecting swords. Another character to try and keep track of and wonder if we should be or if we’re supposed to just ignore them. At least he’s tied to Zoro and we’re able to see him working through more of his journey to get his sword back so he can be at full strength. It’s a nice capper to an episode that otherwise just puts us in the place to nudge everything forward a bit more overall.


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