One Piece Ep. 933 Review

Zoro Fights a Duel on Bandit’s Bridge

“Gyukimaru! Zoro Fights a Duel on Bandit’s Bridge!”

Big Mom isn’t too bad but that’s mostly because she’s lost her memory. I haven’t and remember just how drawn out her last storyline was in getting closer and closer to where the Straw Hats were in the Whole Cake Island arc and how much it dragged out. So that makes watching Luffy in this arc not too much of a bad thing because you mostly know that everyone he’s fighting against can just be ignored. When you get down to the fact that they’re simply paper targets for him to practice on while re trying to master what Rayleigh taught him, it becomes pretty dull. You know he’ll get it eventually, either in this sequence or when the chips are really down in the near future, so there’s not much tension to it.

big mom hingry

On the plus side, Zoro’s fight is one that at least looks a little different and is fun to watch here since it’s a good mix of style and substance. Zoro’s always played up the samurai angle in the right way and with the change in years as he’s gotten a bit older, especially with how he looks in the Wano storyline, there’s a mature confidence about him that works really well. His fight with Gyukimaru is one that at least keeps you engaged in watching it because of how well it plays out even if Gyukimaru doesn’t do much for me as an opponent. Of course, something has to interrupt the fight that has him unable to continue it as he’d like as a damsel in distress must always be rescued. Zoro’s the one that really has made out the best in this land since coming here of the original crew.

zoro wano fight

In Summary:

Luffy deals with the endless supply of opponents trying to figure out the way to use Haki that Rayleigh taught him a while ago. Meanwhile, Zoro faces Gyukimaru who is accusing him of stealing Shusui, however, their duel is interrupted by a woman’s scream.


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