One Piece Ep. 935 Review

Zoro's wounded

“Zoro, Stunned! The Shocking Identity of the Mysterious Woman!”

The show did a bit more interesting last time around with some decent Zoro material that let him get a bit creative with his style but he also took on a wound along the way that knocked him out. It’s in the last few minutes that we get him waking up in the village of Ringo in the north, a graveyard kind of town by the looks of it, and being cared for by the same two he’s been involved with for a bit now. It’s fairly stock material here as he’s not one to lay about when he could be fighting, but his wound is definitely significant here. Recovery time ahoy.

Zoro's recovery

The bulk of this episode is focused on Luffy facing off a pair of two new opponents that have come to play in the competition that’s going on at the labor camp. And for those that like the “weird” action that we get from One Piece, this one should work well enough with an opponent that has an armadillo ability. Where it has a bit of a struggle is in that Luffy’s first isn’t getting quite as metal as it usually does, which has him trying to figure out what’s up with that while keeping the old man alive. Oh, the other opponent is Alpaca-man, which means they’re really dredging the bottom of the barrel for opponents here.

Luffy's second training

In Summary:

Luffy’s next enemies in the deadly sumo match in the Excavation Labor Camp are two tough Gifters. Much to Old Man Hyo’s surprise, Luffy keeps practicing using Haki properly at the same time as he fights them. Meanwhile, the wounded Zoro wakes up to find out the stunning identity of the mysterious woman he saved.


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