One Piece Ep. 936 Review

Wano's haki - Ryuo

“Get the Hang of It! The Land of Wano’s Haki – Ryuo!”

One of the main focuses of this episode is that we get Hiyori filling in Zoro on what happened in the past with how her brother went into the timeline while she stayed in real time because it was necessary to have someone of the bloodline there to keep things moving forward. Even as we get the castle burning down and everything falling apart. Digging into Hiyori’s story works well enough as it fills in another of the details of what went down in Wano all those years ago so that we have a clearer view of the big picture.

Hiyori secret

Of course, the episode isn’t all flashback and storytelling as we have to keep up with Luffy and what’s going on there with his fight. Though the old man continues to give him hints and clues about things with what he talks about, we also see him step up to fight in this episode but in a creative way where he does so through Luffy’s direction, which is at least a change of pace. The episode also finally checks in with a few other Straw Hats as we see Nami and Usopp and I actually had to struggle on Usopp’s name for a moment because it’s been forever since he was integral to a story. There’s not a lot here beyond setting up more color for events at the moment that may be used later but it’s mostly designed just to fill in a few tiny story gaps.

Haki Ryuo

In Summary:

Hiyori tells Zoro a stunning story of escaping the incident 20 years ago and surviving until the present day. Meanwhile, Luffy stills struggles to master the Haki of the Color of Arms, but a surprising person steps up and gives an example.


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