One Piece Ep. 941 Review

One Piece Ep. 941 Review

“Toko’s Tears! Orochi’s Pitiless Bullets!”

An artificial Devil Fruit gives it a little more interest since it was designed to control the populace and for others to make them stronger and more violent, but that still keeps us mixing in flashback bits with exposition in the present for more than the show really needs to be doing. The whole thing is just really badly designed with the consequences since it has such a high failure rate and a lot of side effects, but it comes across as standard strongman mindset material combined with pirates who are looking for any level of power they can get in order to survive in this world and curry favor with those above. This showcases the various groups that exist because of it in the abilities they gain or don’t gain and that kind of hierarchy has fallen easily into place.


The show deals a bit more with Yasuie’s death in this episode, though a lot of it is still the laughter of tears by many and Toko’s unending crying, and it attempts to set up bigger things when it’s made clear who she is and we see how that’s now setting off the bad guys. It’s what’s going to drive things to action at this point and it’s no surprise but it’s just exhausting at this point as it’s felt like Toko’s been crying for so many episodes and every time the camera lands on her that’s what we get more of. I do like that we finally get Zoro and Sanji stepping up and doing what they need to here but at the same time, it’s something that feels like it’s taken forever to get to.


In Summary:
Hiyori and Shinobu tearfully tell the Straw Hats the truth behind Ebisu Town residents’ cheerfulness and smiles, which infuriates them. When Yasuie’s daughter, Toko, runs to her father’s body, Orochi recognizes who she is and takes a shot at her!


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