One Piece Ep. 899 Review

One Piece Ep. 899 Review

"Defeat is Inevitable! The strawman's fierce attack!"

In today's episode we saw Basil Hawkins in action with his strawman chasing Luffy and Zoro.

So, Zoro decides to protect Luffy and Tama and fight the strawman!

Except the fight with Pica in Dressrosa, in which Zoro won very easily, we have not seen Zoro's new strenght. The fight with Hawkins was fairly tough but Zoro managed to destroy the strawman and help Luffy and Tama to safely escape.

However, even if the fight ended in that moment, we remind you that Hawkins devil fruit power is one of the most fascinating among the supernovas and One Piece entirely.

Don't forget that he was the only one to resist the most when Kizaru came to Sabaody Archipelago Arc. We don't know yet what with power limit is but remembers his words "there are cards that will grant you power which exceedes your limits!"

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