One Piece Episode 944 Review

One Piece-Luffy- Big Mom-fury-wano

“The Storm Has Come! A Raging Big Mom!”

So much of One Piece lately has reminded me of some of the much older arcs where it was hard to really get into the expansive world and its rich backstory. I liked a lot of pieces of the Fishmen arc that delved long into their world but at times the overall scale of it with its cast and history just felt impenetrable when viewed on a weekly basis. The first half works through a bunch of this in addition to the recap of the previous events before it brings Big Mom into the realm of the labor camp where she’s just going all out. It’s comical in seeing how she just powers through in tearing off the gate while on the inside you get the sudden panic from the guards about being under attack, all while Luffy and the rest have no idea what’s going on. As much as I hate to say it, the darkened visual of Big Mom just inside the gate looking all intense is exactly what it needed to deliver.

One Piece-Luffy- Big Mom hunger-fury-wano

And really, this is kind of the bulk of the episode. It’s One Piece style to be sure as there’s a good slow push into the labor camp and it’s fun to see as Big Mom make sit through to the other side and suddenly becomes focused on red-bean soup more than anything else. And that her desire for it suddenly becomes violent, which is just raising tensions all around. That the whole thing is about to become a fight over food is amusing but at the same time kind of frustrating – especially for the two guys that are still in the dunk tank being tortured.

One Piece-Luffy- Big Mom-wano

In Summary:

Kin’emon apologizes Ashura Doji AKA Shutenmaru for goading Holdem to attack Atamayama where Ashura’s hideout was located, and asks him to join the fight against Kaido. Meanwhile, Chopper and his group finally arrived at the Excavation Labor Camp and Big Mom forces her way in to find her favorite soup!


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