One Piece Episode 945 Review

Queen-vs-Big mom-one piece-anime-luffy-red beans soup

“A Grudge Over Red-bean Soup! Luffy Gets into a Desperate Situation!”

In today's One Piece episode we do get something of a decent fight sequence at the start between Big Mom and the jailer here that’s enjoyable to watch since he’s all dino-mode or whatever he is. It plays out comically well since it’s some god action and seeing Big Mom getting her just reward in the pot of food is wonderful as she’s truly ready to celebrate with her red-bean soup. But as others off to the side realize, there is no soup in there and that it’s empty, which sends a real panic as to what she’ll do next.

Queen-vs-Big mom-one piece-anime-luffy

I love the panic and fear over it because it’s such a huge unknown moment for everyone, and an opportunity for them to try and escape while Big Mom is in her quiet state trying to decide how to react herself. That everyone runs while Luffy stands there and almost jokingly provides a running commentary of it is definitely amusing.Particularly since he was the one that ate all of it previously.

Queen-vs-Big mom-one piece-anime-luffy-red beans soup-monkey d. luffy

In Summary:

Craving red-bean soup, Big Mom attacks Queen, the Animal Kingdom Pirates’ Lead Performer who reins over Udon. However, when she finds out that the pot is empty, she turns her wrath against the one who ate it all: Luffy.


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