One Piece Episode 946 Review

One Piece Episode 946 Review

“Stop the Emperor of the Sea! Queen’s Secret Plan!”

Today's One Piece episode includes a decent flashback sequence to something he had learned some time ago with Rayleigh that’s being made relevant again, But what ends up occupying a decent chunk of this in the middle is when the old man gets hit hard by what’s going on and Luffy tailspins about it since he’s sworn to protect him. It’s not stretched out badly as they’re trying to play the emotion here for it in the right way, which by the nature of the medium is done differently than in the manga, and it works well enough with the score used. But it basically leads into what the bulk of the second half is with a lot of running around as Big Mom pounds the place and others try to figure out the best way to deal with this dangerous situation.

Luffy-vs-Big mom-one piece-anime-red beans soup-ryo-haki

Yeah, there’s a small sidebar for a bit to something else going on here but it’s nothing for the moment either. The bulk of what’s here is dealing with Big Mom, which the others get involved with as well only to make things worse.

Luffy-vs-Big mom-one piece-anime-red beans soup-ryuo-haki-wano

In Summary:

After finding out that Luffy ate the whole pot of the red-bean soup that she was looking for, Big Mom becomes infuriated and goes after him. Meanwhile, Queen, the Lead Performer, comes up with a plan to stop the rampaging Big Mom.


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