One Piece Episode 948 Review


“Start Fighting Back! Luffy and the Akazaya Samurai!”

In today's One piece episode the focus is on Luffy now as he steps up with this statement of always being free and ready to fight his way out now. Of course, what has to be faced off against here is a member of the Akazaya Nine that’s been hidden and locked away since forever here, someone that many believe should have been killed first and foremost years ago. Though a little awkward just in the way it unfolds, there’s a good bit of action in some of the interior aspects of the labor camp that gets the key retried for Kawamatsu so that he can finally get out of his chains and make their way out of the cage at long last. It has all the right kind of buildup to it and the initial showing off of some pretty good abilities as well as Kawamatsu makes their way forward. 

yokozuna kawamatsu-one piece

While this finally brings most of this group out into the open at long last, masked and all, the old man finally calls forth for them to remove that and reveal themselves so that they’re no longer thought of as ghosts anymore and can actively work for the people once again. It’s a pretty good sequence with a minor sideline about Kikunojo being a man, or the most beautiful swordsman, but I don’t think this is the first time that One Piece has covered this ground before. Luffy and Chopper’s surprise is cute since it lasts about three seconds before we get the full grouper pose that’s ready to make clear that the Akazaya are back and that they’ll save everyone in the labor camp.


In Summary:

Kawamatsu the Kappa is freed and stands up against Babanuki and his underlings! Listening to Old Man Hyo’s suggestion, Raizo and Kiku reveal their true identities which give the desperate prisoners not only a shock but also some hope.


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