One Piece Episode 949 Review


“We’re Here to Win! Luffy’s Desperate Scream!”

A lot of the episode is just action as we get one of the guards with his poison bullets shooting everyone. It’s apl ague bullet that really takes them down quickly and it’s certainly the fastest way to contain the prisoners who then spread it to each other and the cycle of excruciating pain goes forward. That they’re zombie-like is a bit much as they get dehydrated and all but with the visual design of Wano in general being what it is, it definitely stands out nicely and makes an impact. If you’re going to stretch out a chapter of material, this is how you do it so that it’s grim, ugly, and filled with a good bit of action and violence. And just to see the horrified look on Luffy’s face is welcome while Chopper tries to warn everyone off since he’s got a better idea than the rest of what’s really happening to them.


Luffy steps up and try and protect everyone by taking on the plague victims himself in keeping them back, getting covered in it all himself, while holding onto who he is because of his will and focus. 


In Summary:

Luffy faces those who are infected by the Plague Rounds and the non-infected prisoners who submit to the authority of Udon. To open their eyes, Luffy takes a measure that will risk his life. However, the Chief Warden Babanuki has something up his sleeve.


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