One Piece Episode 952 Review

Onigashima-Two Emperors of the Sea-wano-kaido-bigmom

“Tension Rises in Onigashima! Two Emperors of the Sea Meet?!”

A lot of the first half of this episode deals with the usual, the extended credit, some recap material, and then a shift into kind of moving around to different characters to update where they are. Also, Luffy and the old man they practice a bit with their iron gear hands and all.


We also get some time with Zoro doing his round of cleanup in the area and giving his blad a good workout. The last main piece involves Big Mom and Kaido spending some time together and while it has its moments it’s mostly just amusing to watch her eat while still chained up and everything.


In Summary:

Nami and Franky join Kanjuro who has taken Yasuie’s dead body to bury him with Oden, and together they hit the road. Robin, Usopp, and Brook are at the dock trying to figure out a way to pass through a check point. Meanwhile, Big Mom and Kaido finally clash at Onigashima.


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