One Piece Episode 953 Review

One Piece Episode 953 Review

“Hiyori’s Confession! A Reunion at Bandit’s Bridge!”

The opening half of this episode is largely just dialogue focused and mostly at the labor camp with various parties going on about things. Luffy and Hyo  get themselves on the same page and everything with the rest of the laborers, but this is when another group shows up that have an allegiance to Hyo. They’ve all long thought he was dead and gone but are excited to have him back and are ready to step up again, especially since Luffy calls him Old Man Hyo and that infuriates them. 

One piece-Zoro-Hiyori

Kawamatsu continues his reunion here with Hiyori and that has some nice emotion to it, though Zoro naturally brings it about as a casual reminder for viewers who have likely forgotten this part of her past. Kawamatsu is another of the more recently introduced characters that you know has a key role in whatever the actual storyline is in this arc, something I’ve lost view of for quite a while now, and the reconnect with Hiyori is useful and should keep them aligned with Zoro for the moment to move forward. 

One piece-kawamatsu-Hiyori

In Summary:

As the clash between Kaido and Big Mom continues, Queen looks for a way to get out of Onigashima. Meanwhile in Udon, Old Man Hyo finds his former allies, four bosses from each region. At Bandit’s Bridge, Hiyori and Kawamatsu finally see each other after a long time.

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