One Piece Episode 955 Review

One piece-wano-kaido-big mom-alliance

“A New Alliance?! Kaido’s Army Gathers!”

We’re still getting things revealed in the first half of this One Piece episode. Like Zoro putting two and two together from the days of Moria with what happened here in Wano and why it’s been so bad for so long. But it is welcome to see him finally get a second sword promised to him and to more formally join up for the fight that’s ahead. Even Kawamatsu is in a better place knowing the important swords will come back and Zoro will take on something new.

One piece-Law-wano-prison

The first half works through this and a few other things, including showing how Luffy is getting himself prepared for the raid that’s in a few days, but a decent chunk of what we get just doesn’t land for me. Which is unfortunate since I like Trafalgar Law but he’s been so poorly used this season with so many subplots ignored for so many episodes before appearing elsewhere further along. With the back half, it covers a whole lot of characters across the whole of the island area and highlights how they’re coming together into their respective groups for the coming fight. Some of these massively big ones inspire a lot of fear in locals, especially kids, and has the sense of prepping for something epic. 

One piece-Luffy-wano-prison-ryo

In Summary:

As the day of the raid approaches, Law finds someone who might help him escape the prison and Kin’emon gathers up most of his main allies to discuss the raid plan. Meanwhile, at Onigashima, Kaido and Big Mom make a stunning declaration!


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