One Piece Episode 958 Review


“A Legendary Battle! Garp and Roger!”

In this episode we will see a recap. It does go into a bit of the story some thirty-eight years ago with the God Valley battle and the fight between the two sides that took down a lot of marines, but also showed a much younger Garp in action which was probably the brief highlight of the episode for me. I do like that this event is what’s noted as the start of Garp’s legend overall, and that it’s tied to some other key people as well there, but we also get the whole twist about how this island has seemingly disappeared over the years. It adds another mystery for the series to deal with in the next few years before things come to a close. The rest of it delves into more of what came about over the years from all of this with the warlords and emperors and all, but it was mostly just recap of sorts with rewards being plastered about them.


In Summary:

Admiral Issho and Fleet Admiral Sakazuki argue over the abolition of the Seven Warlord system and the alliance of the two Emperors of the Sea. Meanwhile, ex-Fleet Admiral Sengoku teaches the young Navy soldiers about the legendary Rocks Pirates that Kaido and Big Mom once belonged to along with all the other big names.


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