One Piece Episode 959 Review


“The Rendezvous Port! The Land of Wano Act Three Begins!”

This episode opens with a nice bit of backstory material aboard the Jolly Roger where we see how Oden has decided that it’s close to time to head back to Wano and we get to see how everyone rallies around him for that, including giving us time with some fun characters at a much younger age than they are now, such as Buggie. I’ll admit every time, he’s the character I’m most surprised redeemed himself in my eyes and went from the most annoying character upon introduction to a real favorite after the Impel Down storyline. So it’s nice to see him and others here as they make plans and come together with the knowledge of Wano and its importance there.


This episode covers a decent bit of manga material going by the commentary about it, but it’s also an episode that spends its time with the Fire Festival in the present. And basically provides for a ton of camera panning shots of it and other elements, making for a slow and drawn out piece that’s appealing visually but offers little in terms of story or plot advancement. The festival is contrasted with events at Tokage Port where it’s a massive and almost demonic-like storm that’s going on and we get the same kind of treatment with the visuals for it, just one that makes you feel cold and almost a little terrified at the power of it. 


In Summary:

On the day of the Fire Festival, Orochi leaves the mainland of the Land of Wano heading for Onigashima where a big banquet will take place. Meanwhile, at Tokage Port, the rendezvous point for the rebel group, Kin’emon and the others are stunned by the fact that none of their allies are there.


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