One Piece Episode 960 Review


“The Number-One Samurai in the Land of Wano! Here comes Kozuki Oden!”

Here, the show gets things underway with those that have been idle or in hiding for so long after what happened to Wano firming up their coming together and their mission against Kaido. They’re seeking the permission they need to go forward and fight, to bring to a close their story and what’s been a part of their lives and shame for so long, and to honor their commitment as Oden’s samurai at long last. Kin’emon leads all of this nicely but several of them make clear what must be done even though their young master truly does not want them to go as he knows he’s going to lose them. 

Wano-fire Festival

The back half is where things really get underway as we go back to the golden age of Oden and the island where he was everywhere. Growing, causing trouble, getting involved in everything, forming harems at the age of fifteen. It’s amusing since even the things that seem bad are done with free will and consent of those involved, making it problematic for those in charge to actually do much. And, naturally, Oden had plenty of time for a good fight and there were always plenty of challengers that would appear for that. There is a LOT going on within this space at the start of the flashback and it’s nicely animated and it certainly sets Oden up well as an amusing character to watch with his presence and all. 

Oden-Wano arc

In Summary:

The night before the great battle, Orochi orders the destruction of the Sunny along with some bridges across the country to block Akazaya samurai’s allies from their rendezvous. Disappointed, the group of samurai still sets out for Onigashima with the memory of their beloved lord, Oden, in their hearts. However, 41 years ago, Oden was not respected by everyone.


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