One Piece Episode 962 Review


“Changing Destiny! The Whitebeard Pirates Cast Ashore!”

The first half of the episode just works through getting us to know everyone a bit better and the way they’re all thankful to Oden for what he’s accomplished so far. Of course, there are also some moments of “internal strife” with the hotheaded members so far. Mostly, it’s Oden realizing he needs more people under him formally as a daimyo and that has him bringing the core group on as his samurai. It’s a fun little moment because the emotions are high over it and Oden actually looks like a good and happy guy here to do it, which changes quickly when they rush him with hugs. It’s a nice bit of levity after some of the usual foolishness.


This episode also brings on a few more characters that we know to the past storyline as Kawamatsu ends up coming across Dogstorm and Cat Viper and brings them into the fold. With them all younger it’s pretty cute in its own way – Kawamatsu is actually a bit likable even though I have zero real interest in the character – and seeing the two Minks together in this younger cute form made me smile. But even that goes only so far because it’s just tying up a loose end that didn’t need tying to begin with. All of this leads to some changes in how Oden’s underlings handle and compose themselves with learning and the like, all while Oden just tries to be himself, before it takes us into what the episode title is with the Whitebeard pirates finally arriving for what’s really the last minute or so of the episode.


In Summary:

Oden transforms the wild land of Kuri into a habitable region and is made Daimyo over it. Then he meets Kawamatsu the Kappa and the two Minks, Dogstorm and Cat Viper, who become his followers like the others. Kin’emon and the other vassals are scolded by Yasuie when they try to steal money from him, and they begin reforming themselves for their lord Oden.


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