One Piece Episode 964 Review


“Whitebeard’s Little Brother! Oden’s Great Adventure!”

In today's episode, we do see Oden enjoying being able to be a part of things and to see the world in a way that he hasn’t before. He does hang with a few of those that are like him in a way and are a part of his overall story into the present, but he does get welcomed by others of the crew as well and that helps to create some fulfilling feelings for him as he’s now poised to see the world.


Oden and Toki getting closer and having some nice sequences together. Toki’s just fun in general and a welcome contrast to all the men running around on this ship that are traditional pirate types. The timeline does move forward a bit so a year or more goes by and in the second year of the journey, we get the child born between him and Toki. That introduces a couple of problems for the child because of Oden’s own status as a wanted criminal. Combined with not knowing what’s going on back there, we do get to see a bit of events as the current shogun is close to dying and wanting Oden to take over. That introduces its own problems as he wants a proxy for the position but that only serves to introduce Orochi into this period.


In Summary:

Oden’s journey finally begins. He is in awe of all the things that he has never seen before. And for the first time in his life, he becomes a wanted person and makes the headlines which catches the eye of a high-profile figure. Meanwhile, he becomes romantically involved with Toki and they have a child together.


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