One Piece Episode 965 Review


“Crossing Swords! Roger and Whitebeard!”

The first half of this episode is pretty much an all-dialogue piece that delves into more parts of the past. It ties into who should have been shogun, or at least the belief who should have been if things didn’t go in a particular way, but it’s just manipulation, deception, and troublemaking going on here. The Clone-Clone Fruit bit is a nice little twist, however, and seeing it used to convince is nicely done. We also get to know how orochi get his devil fruit.

orochi-clone clone fruit-onepiece

The five minutes or so that we do get from the rest of the episode after the eye-catch takes us back to the Whitebeard pirates and being just four days into Oden’s time there. It’s good to see how everyone has settled into their routine of keeping the ship going but we also get a moment that certainly unnerves as you see the fish panicking in the sea. That the danger seems to be emanating from the island that’s nearby basically serves as a call to adventure for the pirates gets them excited and having it be that Roger and his crew is there, having just dispatched of a bunch of marines that were trying to take them down, sets up for the fight to come. We get the briefest of moments toward the end of some real power and fantastic animation displaying it, giving hope that we might have an episode or two that’ll be enjoyable in the next few weeks..


In Summary:

In the Land of Wano, the Shogun Sukiyaki falls critically ill and names Orochi proxy Shogun until Oden returns in case he dies. Meanwhile, Whitebeard’s ship carrying Oden docks at some island overseas, unaware that Gold Roger and his clan are fighting against the Navy on the other side of the island.


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