One Piece Episode 966 Review

angry whitebeard-roger-oden

“Roger’s Wish! A New Journey!”

Roger and Whitebeard fighting with absolute glee – at least at first – and then everyone else joining in. It’s a fight that goes on for a while and provides for some weather changes as well as it goes across several days. While things may feel a bit more serious for some of the other characters, there’s just a sense of real glee and joy from Roger and Whitebeard over it as they have a great time going at each other.  The fight to plunder each other’s goods ends up turning into basically a gift exchange which plays out comically on the fourth day.  There’s also some fun with Shanks and Buggy since we’ve at least got a good long throughline with them in the series.


With the whole thing working to basically be a gift exchange in the end with Oden going with Roger at this point, it moves his story forward more as he gets to see more of the world. Of course, he also has Dogstorm and Cat Viper sneaking on board to continue the journey with him as well, which complicates things slightly all around. But even with complications and the reasons why Roger agreed to Oden being there, things are naturally smoothed out and we get this new complement to the crew and some simple but fun scenes of everyone enjoying a big meal together from the Wano natives. It’s a nice bonding moment overall and shows the start of the bonds that became a part of this particular crew for a long time to come and tightens a bit of the history just a little more.


In Summary:

Roger is amazed when he finds out that Oden can read the script on the Ponegliff since he believes it will guide him to the last, undiscovered island where no man has ever been. Roger begs Whitebeard for permission to take Oden with him on a one-year journey. But Oden gives it some thought and speaks his mind as well!


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